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Greetings, If you clicked on the link then it’s because you simply want to know more. As your virtual concierge, allow me accommodate you.

You have arrived on the blog site of The Vintage Inkwell Academy. An on-line repository of study tools, tips, knowledge exchange and creator collaboration on the Platinum & Golden-Age style of illustration and comic book creation. In my personal studies in classic illustration training and its associated methodologies, I discovered treasures of vital, helpful tools and resources. I thought that this precious, old-school knowledge needed to be documented, shared and passed on to keep it alive.

The goal was to spark up dialogues and interest in an age that produced legendary creative works that I’d like to see flourish once again. If you do too, then pull up a chair and lets make with the chin music (talk) and share some hot Java (coffee) and sinkers (donuts).

So, hang up your coat and hat and take a look around. I you’re an artist, student, writer or creative content creator and love the world of vintage illustration or comics, then make yourself right at home. For genuine music of the era, that’s the alligator’s teeth, shimmy on in to The Blue Orchid Club. My speakeasy, featuring my Deezer specially curated playlist, providing hours of top shelf early Jazz of the 20’s and 30’s.

In for some cinema? Slip on in to the Silver Screen movie house for some rare and fascinating videos on the traditional comics and animation processes. Need the best art study books to get yourself in the know, slide on into The Vintage Inkwell Library and if it’s Art Resource Links you’re after to help you master your craft we’ve got you covered there.

Hope you like the place and tell yer pals!

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